Ten tips to protect your kidneys

by Dr. Vishal Saxena

  1. Anyone with a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure,or Kidney disease needs to be screened regularly with a urine test and serum creatinine.
  2. People with prostrate problems, recurrent urine infections and stone disease should be screened and corrective measures should be undertaken at the earliest.
  3. Over the counter use of ‘pain killers’ should be avoided. They damage the kidneys.
  4. If a known diabetic, once a year eye examination, urinalysis and 24 hour protein evaluation should be done.
  5. Diabetics should try and achieve strict blood sugar control. An HbA1C of less than 7% helps prevent kidney damage.
  6. Patiens with high BP should control BP to < 130/80 at all times.
  7. Smoking is a major risk factor in progression of kidney disease, so it should be discouraged.
  8. Avoid indiscriminate use of antibiotics or self medication. Some medicines may be harmful for patients with kidney problems.If you have kidney disease then inform your doctor before any surgical or medical procedure and have him /her talk to your nephrologist.
  9. Exercise has multiple benefits. It controls weight,helps reduces blood sugar and blood pressure. Regular exercise will therefore contribute significantly to protecting your kidneys from damage.
  10. Regular check up by your nephrologist will help in preventing the progression of kidney disease by early intervention

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